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925 Sterling Silver Rings - Free UK Delivery

Handmade 925 sterling silver rings set with precious gemstones.

925 sterling silver blue topaz silver ring in a sleek modern design that gives the illusion of a floating gemstone.Tension set with an oval faceted three-carat blue topaz.Gemstone size: 8mmSilver Weight: 16.40 grams.Gemstone Weight: 3 carats.Ring Width: 2cms approximately.Size: P, Q...
Diopside Silver Ring.A fabulous thick bamboo band ring in 925 sterling silver bezel set with 1-2mm round diopside gemstones.925 sterling silver.Bezel set.Gemstone size: 1-2mm.Gemstone shape: round.Colour: green.Ring size: P...
A silver ring in 925 sterling silver, in a textured finish.Set with two round 3mm red garnets, two round 3mm yellow citrines,two round 3mm green peridot and one 7mm oval blue topaz.This ring is one size, a unique piece.1) Garnet the birthstone for January, was believed to grant the wearer inspiratio..
A gemstone silver ring that fits without sizing is the perfect gift solution.A handcrafted design in sterling silver with two bezel gemstones.Oval 18mm lemon quartz and a fancy cut 15x12mm amethyst. A unique piece.1) Lemon Quartz is believed to help balance, aid in concentration and open memory, com..
An elegant 925 sterling silver ladies' amber ring set with a genuine cognac Baltic amber stone.Stone shape: TearStone size: 10 mm x 7mm approximately.Ring Size: Adjustable.The different shades within the stone highlight the true beauty of the cognac amber stone.Amber is a fossilized tree resin becau..
An elegant 925 sterling silver ladies' amber ring set with genuine cognac Baltic amber stones.Stone Sizes: 5 mm, 4 mm, 3 mm.Ring Size: Adjustable...
A limited-edition Prasiolite silver ring in a striking handcrafted weave design,The ring features a beautiful laser cut 18mm oval Prasiolite gemstone in a claw setting.The Prasiolite gemstone weight is 30.5ct.  The total silver weight is 14.5g...
Silver Dragon Ring.925 sterling silver textured finish.Silver weight: 13g approximately.Size: T...
This fabulous silver moonstone ring is handcrafted from 925 sterling silver.Bezel set with two 6 & 8mm round-cut, two oval  5 & 6mm cut and one pear cut moonstones.Total moonstone weight 20.2carats.Total silver weight 10.5gr.Ring size - P...
Handmade 925 Sterling Silver Smoky Quartz Ring in a mirror finish.Bezel set with a magnificent 28mm oval cabochon smoky quartz.Gem Weight: 91.13 carats.Silver Weight: 12.16 GramsRing Size: R - P 1/2The smoky quartz stone grants the wearer emotional intelligence, intuition and psychic insight, a powe..
Smoky Quartz Silver Ring.Handcrafted 925 sterling silver ring bezel set with a 141ct brown smoky quartz.The smoky quartz is 34x28 pear shape and laser cut.Total silver weight: 14g approximately.Size: S...
Smoky Quartz Silver Ring.925 Sterling silver ring set with 145ct pear shape laser cut smoky quartz.The smoky quartz is rich brown in colour.Total silver weight: 11.5g approximately.Ring size: S.Handcrafted.The smoky quartz stone is believed to grant the wearer emotional intelligence, intuition and p..
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