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925 Sterling Silver Rings - Free UK Delivery

925 Sterling Silver Rings - Free UK Delivery

Handmade 925 sterling silver rings set with precious gemstones.

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925 Sterling Silver Dragon Ring - YAN486

925 Sterling silver dragon ring.Silver weight: 44.75 grams.Ring Length: 4 1/2 cmRing  Width: 2 ..


925 Sterling Silver Topaz Ring - YAN593

925 Sterling Silver Topaz Ring.A sleek modern design that gives the illusion of a floating gemstone...


Diopside Silver Ring yanr12

Diopside Silver RingA fabulous thick bamboo band ring in 925 sterling silver bezel set with 1-2mm ro..


Gemstone Silver Ring yanr10

Gemstone Silver Ring925 sterling silver textured finish expandable ringset with two round 3mm red ga..


Gemstone Silver Ring yanr11

Gemstone Silver RingA ring that fits without sizing...the perfect gift solution.The expandable ringH..


Prasiolite Silver Ring yanr17

Prasiolite Silver Ring A striking handcrafted weave design ring made in 925 sterling silver set with..


Silver Dragon Ring yanr13

Silver Dragon Ring925 sterling silver textured finishSilver weight: 13g approximatelySize: T..


Silver Moonstone Ring yanr597

This fabulous silver moonstone ring is handcrafted from 925 sterling silver.Bezel set with two 6 &am..


Smoky Quartz 925 Sterling Silver Ring - YAN472

Handmade 925 Sterling Silver Smoky Quartz Ring in a mirror finish.Bezel set with a magnificent 28mm ..


Smoky Quartz Silver Ring yanr15

Smoky Quartz Silver Ring925 Sterling silver ring set with 145ct pear shape laser cut smoky quartzThe..


Smoky Quartz Silver Ring yanr16

Smoky Quartz Silver RingHandcrafted 925 sterling silver ring bezel set with a 141ct brown smoky quar..


Sterling Silver Horse Head Ring - YAN490

925 Sterling silver horse head ring.Silver weight: 31.15 gramsRing Length: 4cmRing Width: 2cmSize: V..


Sterling Silver Moonstone Ring yanr579

Beautifully handcrafted from 925 sterling silver this ring is set with round cabochon moonstones.Fou..