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Compact Mirror For Handbag - Free UK Delivery

Stylish compact mirror for handbags with magnification in a variety of designs to suit all tastes and needs. Here are a few popular options... The Classic Compact:  Metallic: A sleek and timeless option, metallic compacts come in gold, silver, rose gold, and other finishes. They are perfect for everyday use and add a touch of sophistication to any purse. Minimalist: For those who prefer a clean and understated look,

minimalist compacts feature simple designs with little to no embellishment. They are often made from matte black or white plastic or metal and have a streamlined silhouette. Fun And Quirky: Pattern, if you want to add a pop of personality to your makeup routine, choose a patterned compact. There are endless possibilities, from floral and animal prints to geometric designs and pop culture references.

Shape: Move beyond the traditional round or square compact and opt for a heart, star or animal shape. These playful designs are sure to turn heads. For those who need a little extra help seeing in the dim light the lighted compacts are a lifesaver. They have built LED lights, making it easy to apply makeup or check your appearance anytime, anywhere. If you like to get up close and personal with your makeup, a magnifying compact is a must-have. These compacts have one side with a regular mirror and one side with a magnifying mirror, so you can see every detail. No matter what your style or needs, there is a perfect compact mirror out there for you. So get creative and have fun finding one that reflects your personality.

Compact mirror with magnification.The compact has a hand fan design set with seven Swarovski Crystals.Colours available: Blush/Gunmetal.Size: 7cm diameter.This product comes with a drawstring pouch...
A compact mirror inspired by great artists.The compact features: Claude Monet - Nympheas.Two mirrors, a regular and a magnifier, beautifully presented with a velvet pouch.A card is enclosed with the following information:At age 22, Monet disappointed with traditional art education in Le Havre, moved..
Oval compact mirror with magnification.Set with nine Swarovski Crystal.Colours available: Pearlized Grey/Violet.Size: 9 x 7cm.This product comes with a drawstring pouch...
Compact Mirror Compact Mirror
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Compact Mirror Van Gogh Iris.  A compact mirror inspired by great artists A regular and a magnifier mirror, beautifully presented with a velvet pouchthe size of the compact is 6cm in diameter.A card is enclosed with the following information:Vincent Van Gogh post-impressionist painter was a hug..
Van Gogh, Sunflowers a compact mirror inspired by a great artist. A regular and a magnifier mirror is beautifully presented with a velvet pouch.A card is enclosed with the following information:Vincent Van Gogh, a post-impressionist painter was a huge influence ondevelopments in the 20th-century art..
Glitter compact mirror. The compact features two mirrors one with magnification.Available in three colours: gold/silver/pink.Size: length 8cm width 5.5cm...
A beautiful heart shape compact mirror with an inlaid purple Paua shell.The compact features two mirrors, one with magnification.The compact size is 70mm.This product comes with a drawstring pouch...
Swarovski crystal two-tone lipstick case.The lipstick case features:The flower design on the lid is set with eight clear Swarovski crystals, one multicolour in the centre.A mirror across the lid.Size: length 9cm, width 2cm, The colours available are pink or navy with rose gold...
Foldable three-way mirror with a handle perfect for travel.Hang up, vanity mirror or handheld mirror is versatile.Size: Length 19cm Width of 12cm approximately.Free UK Delivery...
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