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Candle Holders - Tealight Holders - Free UK Delivery

The glowing duo: Candle holders and tealight Holder. A match made in heaven. This dynamic duo offer a surprising range of benefits, both practical and emotional. Let's delve into the warm glow of their advantages. Stability and security, a sturdy candle holder keeps your flickering flame upright, preventing wobbly mishaps and potential fire hazards. No more uneven burning or wax dribbling onto the surfaces. Hot wax can wreak havoc on furniture and floors, and candle holders act as a barrier, catching drips and spills before they leave their mark. Candlelight is a master of mood setting. Its gentle glow casts soft shadows, adds depth to a room, and instantly creates a cosy, inviting atmosphere. From sleek minimalism to ornate elegance candle holders and tealight holders come in a dizzying array of styles and materials. They become decorative elements in their own right, complementing your existing decor or taking centre stage. Don't just settle for a single flame, group tealights in holders of different heights and textures to create a mesmerizing play of light and shadow.

 Cylindrical candle holder with glass cover.Colour: Copper base with a clear glass top.Size: 47cm height, 11cm diameter. ..
Candle LanternCreate a relaxing ambience with this beautiful chrome and a round glass hurricane lanternSize: 22x18x18cm approximately...
Brand: CIMC
Tealight Holder.Zebra pattern tealight holder encrusted with black and white diamantes.Made from ceramic construction and high-polish silver-tone metal,this eye-catching piece will look fabulous on any decor. Handwash only.Size: Height 8cm.Free UK Delivery...
Brand: CIMC
Set of four Diamante tealight holders in a silver-tone mirror finish.Size: 5cm diameter x 3cm height...
Brand: CIMC
Tealight holder in clear glass with nickel kris cross design encrusted with round clear crystals. standing on 3 ball feet.Height 13cm including the ball feet,10cm diameter approximately.Hand wash only..
Brand: CIMC
Mirror Candle Plate - Cake Plate.This fabulous mirror plate is perfect for 3 wick candles or cake display stands.It features beautiful crystal edging and glass ball feet.Size: Large D25xH4.5, extra-large D30xH4.5. Hand wash only...
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