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Serving Bowls And Platters - Free UK Delivery

Both serving platters and bowls offer a variety of benefits for both home cooks and professional chefs. Platters excel at showcasing food beautifully. Their flat surface allows for creative arrangements and layering of different dishes, making even simple meals look impressive. Platters are ideal for serving family-style meals or large portions. Guests can serve themselves without needing constant refills, promoting a more relaxed dining experience. Platters are available in wood, ceramic, glass and even slate, a selection of options to suit any kitchen aesthetic and occasion. 

Bowls are perfect for containing messy or saucy dishes like pasta, salads, stews, dips and curries. Their sides prevent spills and keep food neatly contained. Bowls are great for pre-portioning individual servings, which can be helpful for buffets or controlling portion sizes. A Deep bowl allows for layering ingredients, creating visually appealing presentations like parfaits or salads with dressings.

Ultimately, the best choice between a platter and a bowl depends on the dish and your desired presentation style. Both platters and bowls have their strengths, and having a variety of both in your kitchen arsenal will allow you to tackle any serving situation with ease.

Stainless steel large serving bowl in a hammered finish.Highly polished giving the illusion of silver,making this piece incredibly versatile.Handmade by real artisans with dedication and skill.Dishwasher safe.Size: Height 8 x 30 Diameter..
Brand: Libra
Large stemmed bowl handcrafted silver spun aluminium bowl with a contrasting high polish smooth surface.Hand wash only.Dimensions: 37.5 x 28 xcm ...
Round Silver Platter.Silver aluminium spun round large platter crafted by artisans with a contrasting high polish smooth surface.Hand wash only.Dimensions : 41 x 8cm...
A white square decorative plate in a contemporary design with grey veins.Material: Iron with enamel finishSize: Width- 27cmLength - 27 cmHeight - 6 cm...
Stemmed Bowl
New Hot
A classic design with a modern twist. This stemmed bowl is crafted from glass in a distinctive matt bluethis will make a style statement in any room.Size: Width - 22.5 cmHeight - 22 cm approximately...
A large stainless steel boat dish in a hammered finish,incredibly versatile and a stunning centrepiece for any dining table.Dimensions: 68x15x6cm approx..
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