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Baltic Amber Jewellery

Quality sterling silver set with Baltic genuine amber stones.

Amber, often mistaken for a gemstone, is fossilized tree resin. This beautiful material originates from coniferous trees millions of years ago, with sap dripping from the bark and preserving various inclusions like insects, leaves, and feathers. 

Millions of years ago, specific coniferous trees produced a viscous resin as a natural defence mechanism against insects and fungal infections. When this resin dripped or flowed down the bark, it trapped any unlucky organism unfortunate enough to land on it.

Over time, the resin hardened and underwent geological processes, transforming into the golden amber we see today.

Due to its sticky nature, the resin acted as a natural flytrap, capturing small insects in their entirety.

These inclusions provide valuable insights into ancient ecosystems, offering a glimpse into the biodiversity and climate of millions of years ago.

The insects are remarkably well-preserved, showcasing exquisite details like wing structure and body hair.

Amber with insect inclusions is considered particularly valuable and aesthetically pleasing. The type of insect, its clarity, and the overall composition of the amber determine its worth. 

Not all amber contains inclusions, and those with well-preserved insects are rarer, making them collector's items.

While insects are the most common inclusions, amber can preserve plant fragments, feathers, and even small lizards. Each inclusion serves as a tiny time capsule, offering scientists a window into the past and aiding in reconstructing ancient environments. These inclusions are a glimpse into the wonders of the natural world millions of years ago.

Embrace timeless style with this elegant adjustable bracelet, featuring a genuine cognac Baltic amber cross as a centrepieceand a durable plated cord for a sleek and contemporary look. Adjustable pull cords ensure a comfortable fit for any wrist size. One size fits all!A genuine Baltic amber cross m..
A genuine Baltic Amber dice handmade with rounded corners. The different shades highlight the true beauty of this cognac amber piece.Amber is a fossilized tree resin with unique properties. Amber has been adorned and studied for centuries.Size: 1.2 cm..
An elegant pair of amber drop earrings crafted from sterling silver featuring genuine cognac Baltic amber stones. The 6mm amber spheres, boasting natural warmth and beauty, hang gracefully from delicate sterling silver chains, measuring 3.5 cm in drop length. The amber drop earrings are secure and c..
An amber silver pendant and chain set with genuine 18x10mm cognac Baltic Amber stone, warm hues and organic inclusions make each piece one-of-a-kind.The pendant features a wave of sterling silver ribbons gracefully flowing from the bale to the bottom of the pendant. The dynamic design echoes the mov..
Baltic Amber silver pendant and chain.The pendant features: Two charms connected to a silver bale.A 15mm key and a 10mm heart. Each charm is set with a cognac amber stone.A 3mm round and a 7x5 pear cut...
An elegant pair of classic amber stud earrings in 925 sterling silver, set with genuine cognac Baltic amber oval cut stones. Each earring showcases a captivating 7x3mm cognac amber stones bezel set within a polished silver frame and post and butterfly fastening with secure post-backs for a comfortab..
Capture the warmth and beauty of nature with this exquisite sterling silver ladies' amber ring, set with a genuine cognac Baltic amber stone and adjustable band for a comfortable fit in an eye-catching design.The adjustable sterling silver band ensures a comfortable fit for various finger sizes.Wear..
An elegant 925 sterling silver ladies' amber ring set with genuine cognac Baltic amber stones. This piece offers a unique blend of natural beauty and modern design, making it a versatile addition to any jewellery collection.The ring showcases the mesmerizing warmth of the Baltic amber, known for its..
Sterling silver classic men's cufflinks with a cylindrical post swivel fastening. The cufflinks are set with genuine yellow 17x13mm Baltic Amber Stones in an unusual harlequin shape. Amber is believed to absorb negative energy and stimulate the body's natural healing abilities.Let's  delve into..
A stunning pair of 925 sterling silver amber earrings in a clip-on fastening design set with 9mm round cabochon cognac genuine Baltic amber stones.The amber stones are flawlessly set in a sterling silver frame, ensuring a secure hold and a graceful complement to the amber's natural glow.The earrings..
A captivating fusion of timeless beauty and nature's artistry. The sterling silver amber earrings with clip fastening.These earrings artfully blend the luminous warmth of genuine green Baltic amber with the refined sophistication of sterling silver.Each earring showcases a 9mm round cabochon of genu..
A 925 sterling silver amber pendant with a wave design.The pendant is set with a genuine green Baltic amber stone.Stone size: 18 mm x 10 mmAmber is a fossilized tree resin, because of the unique properties of this stone,it has been adorned and studied for centuries.Pendant size including the bale: 3..
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