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Cyprus Delights - Loukoumia - Free UK Delivery

Cyprus delights are made traditionally through a delicate process on just a few key ingredients. These bite-size squares dusted with icing sugar are cooked in open copper cauldrons with open fires and hand-stirred for hours.

Their unique texture, fragrant flavours, and vibrant colours have captivated palates for centuries, weaving a fascinating story intertwined with culinary innovation, cultural exchange, and historical intrigue. The origins of loukoumi remain debated.

Cyprus delights ( Loukoumi )transcended its culinary significance, becoming a symbol of hospitality and cultural exchange. It graced festive occasions and adorned traditional trays offered to guests paired with a hot cup of coffee.

Cyprus Delights Loukoumi.A delicious mouth-watering mixture of fragrant cubes dusted with icing sugar in a variety of flavours.Weight: 250g...
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