Royale Sugar Free Sweets - Free UK Delivery

Royale Sugar Free Sweets - Free UK Delivery

Royale Sugar-free sweets...step back in time with Royale sugar-free boiled sweets.

All the sweets are cooked in open copper pans and open gas fires.

Old favourites available in and white humbugs, army and navy, clove balls, pineapple cubes,

everton mints and more...

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Royale Sugar Free Blackcurrant Sherbets 225g

Royale Sugar-Free Blackcurrant SherbetsCrunchy blackcurrant outta that crunches through to provide a..


Royale Sugar Free Creamy Toffee 225g

Royale Sugar-Free Creamy ToffeeIngredients: Sweetener, Maltitol, Vegetable Fat, (palm oil) Butter (f..


Royale Sugar Free Sherbet Lemon 225g

Royale Sugar-Free Sherbet LemonA crunchy lemon outta that crunches through to provide a mouthwaterin..


Royale Sugar Free Strawberries And Cream 225g

Royal Sugar-Free Strawberries & CreamA gentle cream flavour with the slight sharpness of fruity ..


Royale Sugar-Free Rhubarb And Custard 225g

Royale Sugar-Free Rhubarb And CustardA rich deep custard flavour followed by a tangy rhubarb.Ingredi..


Sugar Free Fruit Salad Chews 225g

 Sugar-Free Fruit Salad ChewsIngredients Sweeteners: Maltitol, vegetable fat, gelatine, citric ..