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Silver Gemstone Necklace - Free UK Delivery

Limited edition handmade sterling silver gemstone necklace set with beautiful gemstones.

Handmade 925 Sterling silver moonstone necklace, bezel set with five rounds and seventeen oval cabochon moonstones.Oval Moonstone sizes: 10 - 7 mm.Round Moonstone sizes: 10 - 7mm.Moonstone weight: 131 carats.Silver weight: 5.11 grams.Necklace length: 75cm.Moonstone; is believed to grant inner balanc..
A unique handmade limited edition Amethyst sterling silver necklace, bezel set with fifty cabochon amethyst.Gemstone shapes and sizes: 1 - Round.1 - Fancy.3 - Marquise cut, 20 - 30mm.45 - Oval cut, 10 - 18mm.Gemstone Weight: 464 carats.Silver Weight: 37 grams.Necklace Length: 240 cm...
A glamorous handcrafted gemstone silver necklace.The total silver weight of this piece is 14.8g. 7x5mm oval garnets, citrine, peridot, amethyst and topaz in a claw setting.Gemstone weight: 23ct1) Garnet is the birthstone for January, believed to grant the wearer inspiration, and creativity and to pr..
Handmade Limited Edition Lemon Quartz Silver Pendant.235 carats lemon quartz oval cabochon cut set in 925 sterling silver, 45mm x 35 mm in size.The length of the pendant from the bale is 5 cm drop.A beautiful clear stone, definitely a statement piece of jewellery!This product comes with a velvet dra..
A unique sterling silver moonstone necklace handcrafted in 925 sterling silver and bezel set with cabochon moonstones in different shapes and sizes.Shapes And Sizes:14 = 25mm Oval cut.13 = 15mm Round cut.18 = 28mm Fancy cut.The total moonstone weight is 415 carats.The total silver weight is 32gr.The..
Multi-gemstone silver necklace.Vintage design gemstone necklace with 19 stunning ovals 6mm gemstonesHandcrafted in 925 sterling silver.Total silver weight 11g.Necklace length 51cmGemstones: peridot garnet amethyst topaz citrine smoky quartz.Gemstone weight: 33ct. approximatelyClaw setDefinitely a st..
Peridot Silver Necklace.Vintage design peridot necklace handcrafted with 925 Sterling silver.Silver weight:13.1g.43ct round cut peridot gemstones claw set. Necklace length: 55cm approximately.Handcrafted in the UK...
Handmade sterling silver necklace, set with forty-eight Prasiolite gemstones in a bezel setting.The stone is believed to grant the wearer strength, peace and calmness. The necklace's length is 182cm.Gemstone;19 Pear Cut sizes range from 10-15mm.14 Oval Cut sizes range from 7-16 mm.Square Cut si..
A Unique handmade limited-edition 925 sterling silver sapphire necklace, bezel set with forty-eight bezel set sapphires.Sapphire Shapes and sizes:Oval cut = 9 - 15 mm.Pear cut =  10 - 15 mm.Round cut = 8 - 13 mm.Gemstone Weight: 397 carats.Silver Weight: 43.5 grams.Necklace Length: 207 cms appr..
An elegant vintage design gemstone pendant with a large 26mm x 35 mm Agate central stone. Seven-round garnets and one pear citrine.925 Sterling Silver.Silver weight: 13.71.Gemstones: agate garnet citrine.Gemstone: weight: 43.45ct.Gemstone size: 26x35mm 4.5mm.Gemstone shape: Oval pear round.Handcraft..
A stunning Hessonite Garnet silver necklace, handcrafted in a vintage designin sterling silver. Total silver weight 16.2g.Total garnet weight = 82ct, 6 x 5mm - 7 x 10mm round cut graduating red garnets in a claw setting.Necklace length: 47.4cm approximately.Garnet is the birthstone for January, beli..
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