925 Silver Gemstone Necklace - Free UK Delivery

925 Silver Gemstone Necklace - Free UK Delivery

925 silver gemstone necklace handmade vintage and modern designs.

Set with beautiful gemstones.

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Gemstone Silver Necklace yan31

Gemstone Silver NecklaceGlamorous gemstone necklace handcrafted in 925 sterling silver.The total sil..


Multi Gemstone Silver Necklace yan245

Multi-gemstone silver necklaceVintage design gemstone necklace with 19 stunning oval cut 6mm gemston..


Peridot Silver Necklace yan248

Peridot Silver NecklaceVintage design peridot necklace handcrafted with 925 Sterling silver.Silver w..


Silver Moonstone Necklace yan528

A unique silver moonstone necklace handcrafted in 925 sterling silver and bezel set with cabochon mo..


Agate Garnet Citrine Silver Pendant yan86

Agate-Garnet-Citrine Silver PendantHandcrafted vintage design silver pendant with a large 26 x 35mm ..


Rose Garnet Silver Necklace yan37

Rose Garnet Silver NecklaceA vintage design 925 sterling silver handcrafted necklace in a claw setti..


Hessonite Garnet Silver Necklace yan30

Hessonite Garnet Silver NecklaceA stunning vintage design handcrafted in sterling silver.Total silve..