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Figurines And Ornaments - Free UK Delivery

While figurines and ornaments are often appreciated for their aesthetic value, their benefits extend beyond simply adorning a shelf. These seemingly small objects can have a surprisingly profound impact on our environments and well-being. They give visual interest to spaces, breaking up monotony and providing focal points. Carefully chosen pieces can complement existing decor or introduce new themes and textures. They can act as conversation starters, evoking memories, sparking imaginations, and even conveying cultural or historical narratives. Many figurines and ornaments carry symbolic meanings, representing good luck, prosperity, protection or specific values. Figurines and ornaments can make meaningful gifts, often carrying sentimental value and becoming treasured family heirlooms.

A delightful woodland catgirl figurine will stand comfortably in any home.Made from resin. The figure stands at 20cm in height...
This glass jar will make a style statement in any room. Crafted from glass in a distinctive matt blue in a classic design with a modern twist.Size: Width - 13.5 cm.Depth - 13.5 cm.Height - 43 cm approximately...
Dog Figurine.A delightful spaniel soldier figurine dressed in his silver attire holding a sword.Standing proud on a black plinth. Height 36cm Width 10cm approximately.This piece is made of resin...
Dog Figurine.A delightful hound soldier figurine dressed in his silver attire standing proud on a black plinth.Height 30cm Width 8cm approx.This piece is made of resin...
A glass rabbit in a contemporary design.The rabbit features a chrome look with white ears.Height: 16.5cm..
A delightful antique bronze finish of a mother and child sculpture depictsthe love between mother and child.Material: Base material - polyresin.Size: Width 15.2 cmHeight: 28.2 cm..
Glass seal paperweight in earth tone colours.Cappuccino, brown, bronze and silver are all incorporated together in a  ribbon design in the centre of the seal.Length size; 14.5 cm..
A glass pear paperweight in earth tone colours, cappuccino, brown, bronze and silver all swirled together into a beautiful spiral ribbon in the centre of the glass pear.Height size; 11 cm...
This fabulous silver bulldog figure has beautiful detailing from his fabulousdiamante collar to his wonder tail.Size: 21cm height,40cm width,18cm depth approximately...
 A high polish aluminium jaguar figure on a black wooden base.The Jaguar logo was designed to symbolize grace, elegance, performance, power, and ambition to leap forward. A graceful statement piece.Size: 16cm height, 6cm width, 32cm length, hand wash only...
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