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A vase selection for a contemporary, classic, modern or eclectic style.

Vases are typically made of ceramics, glass, or metal and used for holding flowers or other decorative items. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours.

Vases can also hold other decorative items, candles, potpourri, or shells, storing utensils, pens or makeup brushes is another great idea.

The specific uses for a vase will depend on its size, shape, and material. For example, a small, delicate vase might hold a single flower, while a large, sturdy vase might be used to hold a large bouquet.

 Flower Vase  Flower Vase
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A flower vase beautifully crafted in a mother-of-pearl style.Two designs in one, the front has a beautiful delicate flower design in a 3-D, and the back is a fabulous shell design.Size: Height 24cm Length 33cm Depth of 13cm approx.This item is handwash only.Free UK Delivery...
Brand: CIMC
A stylish white and gold ginger jar with a hexagonal design. A stunning gold triangle pattern on a white base.The hexagonal design gives this ginger jar a contemporary twist to traditional jars.Size; Height 30cmDepth:16.8cm approxThis item is handwash only.Free UK Delivery...
Duchess vase, whether your style is contemporary or classic.Our stylish taper shape vase with a stunning textured finish will add a touch of chic to your home.Size: Height 34cm Width: 8cm approxHandwash only...
VaseA modern piece that will look great in contemporary decor.The vase features a chrome glass construction with a matt black base.Size: Height 28cm Diameter 19cmThis item is handwash only.Free UK Delivery.  ..
Brand: CIMC
Clear glass vase in a fabulous contemporary bowl design that will work perfectly in any room.Size: 25 cm Diameter.Height: 19cm...
Brand: CIMC
Clear glass vase in a fabulous contemporary cylinder design, this piece will work perfectly in any room.Size: 24 cm Diameter. Height: 25cm..
Handmade art deco vase finished with a light heather colour Inspired by 1920s deco style.Height: 28cm.Width: 16cm at the widest point...
Hand-made art deco green vase. Inspired by the 1920s Deco style will look great with any decor.Vase size: height 16cm.Width: 17cm at the widest point.Colour: Green..
Handmade Art Deco blue vase inspired by 1920s Deco style.Height: 13cm.Width across a wide area: 20x20cm.Diameter at widest point: 18cm.Opening: 8cm...
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