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Silver Pendants - Free UK Delivery

Silver Pendants set with faceted colourful gemstones.

This beautiful pendant is sterling silver and features a horse head sitting inside a horseshoe. The pendant is textured in detail, making it a truly unique and eye-catching piece, crafted by skilled artisans who bring meticulous attention to detail to this piece. The result is a work of wearabl..
This exquisite limited edition pendant is a stunning statement piece, handmade in sterling silver and showcasing a single Lemon Quartz cabochon measuring an impressive 45x35 mm. The gemstone-captivated beauty takes centre stage, its translucent sunshine hue radiating warmth and vibrancy. Handma..
A 925 sterling silver amber pendant with a wave design.The pendant is set with a genuine green Baltic amber stone.Stone size: 18 mm x 10 mmAmber is a fossilized tree resin, because of the unique properties of this stone,it has been adorned and studied for centuries.Pendant size including the bale: 3..
A striking silver charm pendant featuring a meticulously crafted male figure. The pendant is lovingly crafted by skilled artisans who bring meticulous attention to detail. The result is a work of wearable art.The figure measures 3.3 cm in length. Crafted from sterling silver, the pendant exudes a ti..
An elegant sterling silver heart pendant and chain set with a cognac Baltic amber stone.The cognac Baltic amber is nestled within a polished setting of a silver heart shape design, measuring 2.9 cm x 1.7 cm.The 8 x 7 mm amber stones boast a rich, warm hue and natural inclusions, making each piece on..
Sterling silver turtle charm pendant with ruby accent. A charming symbol of good luck and fortune, this sterling silver turtle charm beautifully captures the grace and resilience of this beloved creature.A single round ruby gemstone, measuring 1 mm, is artfully set within a bezel setting, addin..
A breathtaking cabochon rose quartz pendant, handmade from sterling silver, embraces a remarkable 238.7-carat centrepiece. This pendant showcases a captivating pear-shaped rose quartz that measures a remarkable 56x33mm, securely nestled within a polished bezel setting. The cabochon rose quartz is fl..
An elegant vintage design gemstone pendant with a large 26mm x 35 mm Agate central stone. Seven-round garnets and one pear citrine.925 Sterling Silver.Silver weight: 13.71.Gemstones: agate garnet citrine.Gemstone: weight: 43.45ct.Gemstone size: 26x35mm 4.5mm.Gemstone shape: Oval pear round.Handmade...
This lovely handmade garnet silver cross pendant is claw set with six beautiful  8 x 11mm oval cabochons gemstones. Its design seamlessly blends classic symbolism with a touch of modern elegance.Each pendant is lovingly crafted by skilled artisans who bring meticulous attention to detail to thi..
A ruby silver pendant with exquisite detail, this sterling silver cougar pendant has two 1mm fiery round ruby gemstones for eyes, adding a captivating sparkle and lifelike intensity.The rubies are set securely in a bezel setting.The cougar's sleek form, powerful presence through graceful flowing lin..
A sterling silver dog pendant with sapphire eyes, the detail on this pendant from his sparkling sapphire eyes to his collar.This dog head pendant will capture the heart of a canine lover. The pendant is textured with intricate detail, and 1mm round blue sapphire gemstones for the eyes add sparkle an..
A handcrafted Iolite silver cross pendant, in sterling silver set with 16 marquises 9 x 5mm, 5 round 4mm bezel set gemstones. Total iolite weight is 41 carats, offering a captivating interplay of light and colour. The pendant showcases sixteen vibrant iolite gemstones meticulously hand-set in a glea..
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