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Spoon Sweets|Gliko|Glika - Free UK Delivery

Spoon Sweets|Gliko|Glika - Free UK Delivery

Spoon Sweets are a traditional fruit confectionery.

The fruits are stewed with sugar and preserved to create a delicious spoon sweet dessert.

Walnut, fig. watermelon, bitter orange and eggplant and more.

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Fig Spoon Sweets sav13 - Best Before 05.2023 UK Free Delivery

Fig Spoon Sweets.Also known as glika is a Cypriot traditional fruit confectionery.The fruits ar..


Bitter Orange Spoon Sweet sav15 - Best Before 09.2022 UK Free Delivery

Bitter Orange Spoon SweetPreserve bitter orange in syrup.Weight: 420g..


Cherry Spoon Sweets sav17 -  Best Before 09.2020 Free UK Delivery Out Of Stock

Citrus Spoon Sweets - sav22 Best Before Date 05.2023

Citrus spoon sweets citrus fruits preserved in sugar.Weight 420g..


Quince Spoon Sweets - sav21 Best Before Date 05.2023

Quince spoon sweets preserved quince in syrup.weight 420g..


Watermelon Spoon Sweets- sav20 Best Before Date 07.2023

Watermelon spoon sweets preserved watermelon rind in syrup.Weight 420g..