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Spoon Sweets|Gliko|Glika - Free UK Delivery

Spoon sweets, known as "glyka to koutaliou" in Cyprus, are more than just a dessert. The fruits are stewed with sugar and preserved for a delicious spoon-sweet dessert. 

Cyprus boasts a unique variety of spoon sweets, each with its distinct character. Let us embark on a delectable journey to discover diverse fruits, vegetables, and nuts in this cherished tradition.

Citrus spoon sweets: Bergamot, bitter orange and lemon peel offer a delightful range of tangy and aromatic experiences.

Stone fruit spoon sweets: Succulent cherries, apricots, peaches, and plums preserved in syrups capture their summery essence.

Berries And Melon spoon sweet: Fragrant rose petals, vibrant strawberries, and juicy watermelon rinds add a touch of floral sweetness and refreshing coolness.

Fig spoon sweet: Plump figs, black and white, offer a deep, earthy sweetness that is uniquely Cypriot.

Vegetable spoon sweet: Eggplant (aubergine), pumpkin, and even carrots transformed into unexpected sweet treats, often flavoured with spices like cinnamon and clove.

Nutty spoon sweets: Green walnuts, preserved while young and tender, offer a unique textural contrast and subtle bitterness.

While traditionally enjoyed as a standalone dessert, spoon sweets offer versatility. Enhance ice cream, yoghurt, or pastries with a spoonful of sweetness. 

Use them as flavourful garnishes or syrups for unique twists on classic drinks.

Experiment with pairings like cheese or charcuterie for a surprisingly sweet and savoury harmony.

Brand: Katerina
Fig Spoon Sweets. Known as Glika is a Cypriot traditional fruit confectionery.The fruits are stewed with sugar and preserved.Weight; 420g..
Brand: Katerina
Bitter Orange Spoon SweetPreserve bitter orange in syrup.Weight: 420g..
Brand: Katerina
Citrus Spoon sweets are citrus fruits preserved in sugar.Weight 420g..
Brand: Katerina
Watermelon spoon sweets preserved watermelon rind in syrup.Weight 420g..
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