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Dartington Crystal

Present your cakes on this handmade cake plate with a stand beautifully made by Dartington Crystal.The large flat surface makes this cake plate ideal for any large cakes, cupcakes or sandwiches.Size: 27cm diameter.7.5cm height...
Handmade art deco vase finished with a light heather colour Inspired by 1920s deco style.Height: 28cm.Width: 16cm at the widest point...
Hand-made art deco green vase. Inspired by the 1920s Deco style will look great with any decor.Vase size: height 16cm.Width: 17cm at the widest point.Colour: Green..
Handmade Art Deco blue vase inspired by 1920s Deco style.Height: 13cm.Width across a wide area: 20x20cm.Diameter at widest point: 18cm.Opening: 8cm...
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