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Baby Comforters

Baby comforters, known as loveies or security blankets.

Soft objects that provide comfort and security to infants and young children. They help babies self-soothe, fall asleep, and cope with stress or anxiety.

When a baby wakes up in the night or feels fussy, they can use their comforter to suck on, rub against their cheek, or hold close. A familiar object can provide a sense of calmness and help them to fall asleep.

New experiences, unfamiliar environments, or separation from caregivers can be stressful for young children. A comforter can provide comfort and security during these times, helping them to feel safe and loved.

If a baby consistently uses their comforter at bedtime, it can become a positive sleep association. The sight, smell and touch signals the baby that it is time to sleep.

When travelling, going to daycare, or visiting relatives, a baby's comforter can provide a familiar object that helps them to feel more comfortable and secure in new surroundings.

It is important to note that not all babies will take to using a comforter. Some babies may prefer to self-soothe in other ways, such as sucking on their thumb or rocking.

However, a comforter can be a valuable tool for promoting comfort, security, and healthy sleep habits.

A baby comforter is a small toy or blanket that your baby can use to get settled,

helping them to sleep.

Elephant Baby Comforter The Elephant Blankie is lovingly handmade in snuggly grey fur. A security blanket to help babies get settled.Machine washable.Materials: All New materials, Polyester Fibers.Conforms to toy safety regulations, Tissus Nouveaux: Rembourrage: Polyester..
Fox Baby Comforter that baby can use to get settled.Makkapitew the fox blankie is lovingly handmade from snuggly fur.Makkapitew has an orange and white body, big beautiful eyes, cute pointed ears and a friendly smile.Machine washable.Materials: All new materials: Content: Polyester Fibers.Conforms t..
Monkey Baby ComforterHuggles the Monkey blankie is lovingly handmade from snuggly brown fur, an ivory body and big beautiful eyes,a cute nose-friendly smile and typical monkey ears.Machine washable,Materials: All new materials. Content: Polyester Fibers.Conforms to toy safety regulations...
Penguin Baby Comforter The Bingle penguin blankie is lovingly handmade in snuggly fur, a cuddly blankie ready and willing to get the baby settled.Machine WashableMaterials: All new materials, Polyester Fibers,Conforms to toy safety regulations. ..
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