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Handcrafted - Handmade Jewellery - Free UK Delivery

Limited Edition Handcrafted Handmade Jewellery.

Exceptional  925 sterling silver handcrafted necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings and earrings

set with gemstones.

A symphony of stones, a vintage design multi-gemstone necklace handmade in sterling silver, crafted with care and inspired by the past.This exquisite necklace is a testament to the timeless beauty of vintage jewellery. Each gemstone is handpicked for its unique character and brilliance and is meticu..
A pair of cultured pearl drop earrings with glass eye beads, 12x10mm oval-shaped pearls dangle effortlessly from sterling silver chains. A single glass eye bead adds a touch of intrigue and personality to the piece. The earrings are secured with comfortable sterling silver shepherd's hook faste..
Exquisite elegance meets effortless style in these captivating drop pearl earrings with a fabulous lustre.Shimmering silver and white bio-colour coin pearls, approximately 14mm roughly round flat pearls showcase a unique blend of soft hues and captivating iridescent glow.Each pear is suspended from ..
A timeless treasure, a handmade Peridot Silver Necklace, set in a captivating blend of vintage charm and modern elegance. Handcrafted from sterling silver, it features a collection of forty-two round 4-5 mm shimmering Peridot gemstones, known for their vibrant green hues and believed to foster posit..
This breathtaking ring is a statement piece of jewellery. It features a dazzling 30.5-carat Prasiolite gemstone set in an eye-catching chunky weave design. The Prasiolite, with its stunning green colour and vibrant sparkle, is the centrepiece of the ring, commanding attention and admiration. The ste..
This captivating bracelet is a testament to the beauty of handcrafted jewellery, featuring a stunning symphony of gemstones nestled in a secure bezel setting handcrafted from lustrous sterling silver.Three vibrant Amethyst, their deep purple hues, exude reality and add a touch of mystical charm. A s..
This striking handcrafted moonstone ring is a bold statement piece crafted from high-quality sterling silver. Its elongated design trenches gracefully across half the length of the finger, making it a truly eye-catching accessory. Five cabochon moonstones, each nestled securely in a modern bezel set..
This handmade Sterling Silver Smoky Quartz Ring in a mirror finish is a true statement piece, with a large and captivating 28mm oval cabochon smoky quartz stone.The Bezel setting is a classic and secure way to showcase the beauty of the stone, while the sterling silver band is both comfortable and s..
Embrace the enigmatic beauty of a Smoky Quartz Silver Ring. This handcrafted piece features a stunning pear-shaped laser-cut stone to showcase its captivating depth and brilliance. A genuine smoky quartz weighing an impressive 141 carats in a secure bezel setting in sterling silver, ensuring eleganc..
Embrace the enigmatic beauty of the Smoky Quartz Silver Ring. This handcrafted sterling silver piece features a stunning pear-shaped smoky quartz, meticulously laser cut to showcase its captivating depth and brilliance. The gemstone, boasting an impressive weight of 145 carats, is securely bezel-set..
The sterling silver moonstone bracelet, a captivating ensemble of luminous moonstones, this bracelet is a radiant testament to exquisite craftsmanship. Thirteen oval cabochon moonstones in a graduated bezel setting ranging from 8mm to 12 mm. The total moonstone weight is 65 carats, and the total sil..
This stunning handmade necklace features forty cabochon luminous moonstones in a bezel setting in a chain link design.Each moonstone, meticulously hand-cut and polished into a smooth cabochon, is individually bezel-set in sterling silver, allowing its ethereal glow to take centre stage.The silver wo..
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