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18 Nov 5 important things to know when you purchase stockings or holdups as a gift
Seyi Elizabeth 0 125
Here at Zawzor, we’re great believers in the power of stockings and holdups to make wearers feel fabulously sexy and confident – you’ve probably got a sense of that already if you’ve browsed our onlin..
18 Nov How to buy your man a Christmas gift he will definitely appreciate
Seyi Elizabeth 0 54
We might not have – at the time of typing – quite reached the festive season just yet, but it will be here before we know it. And at the height of a cost-of-living crisis, if you’re considering the ..
14 Oct 3 questions to ask yourself before you buy hosiery online
Seyi Elizabeth 0 113
Hosiery is one of those ‘old-timey’ things that seem to have been making something of a comeback in many ladies’ wardrobes in recent years, and it is a very well-deserved resurgence.    The term “..
23 Sep 5 of the best birthday gift ideas for your husband
Seyi Elizabeth 0 141
Buying presents for the men in our lives can be tricky. While trying not to stereotype too much, many men pride themselves on a relative lack of need and want for material items.    A lot of the t..
25 Aug Five reasons why you shouldn’t hold off on holdups
Seyi Elizabeth 0 234
Hold-ups can be an excellent addition to your lingerie collection – they are comfortable, easy to wear, and can be worn for many different occasions.   Still not convinced, or simply looking for a..
09 Aug Tips on how to make the most of your new men’s grooming set
Seyi Elizabeth 0 233
With so many tips, tools, and pieces of grooming advice out there, it can feel impossible to know where to start when it comes to grooming yourself and feeling your best. This blog post will go thro..
18 Jul What are some of the best ways to get your home ‘autumn-ready’?
Seyi Elizabeth 0 284
Yes, we know; for many of you, it might seem a dreary prospect to talk about autumn when you may feel you have barely had the chance to get much out of your summer yet. For other readers of our blog..
06 Jul How to organise a successful children’s birthday party
Seyi Elizabeth 0 248
Any birthday is worthy of celebration, and we’re sure you will want to give your little one a celebration that they will remember for the finest reasons for years to come. That is likely to mean going..
09 Jun 5 essentials from our store to grab before you head off on your summer holidays
Seyi Elizabeth 0 296
Isn’t it great that we’re now finally back in a position where we can think seriously about a summer vacation, without having to fret too much about lockdowns or similar restrictions? Of course, it is..
27 May 3 ways to ensure you purchase the right plus size lingerie for your lover
Seyi Elizabeth 0 291
There has long been a certain school of thought in some circles that buying lingerie for someone else is… not always a brilliant idea. And we aren’t necessarily referring to the mere sentiment of pu..
03 May A guide to selecting the best Father’s Day gifts
Seyi Elizabeth 0 277
As Father’s Day looms once again – on Sunday, 19th June – once again, you might find yourself attempting to answer familiar questions. Does he really mean it when he says, “you don’t need to get me ..
13 Apr What is quince jam, and what can you pair it with?
Seyi Elizabeth 0 340
If you have come to our online store to shop for Cyprus jams, your eye might have been caught by our offering of fragrant quince jam from the Morphakis brand.    But what is it about this sweet an..
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