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I love food! I love preparing traditional dishes and creating new ones.

I look forward to sharing some of my recipes with you.

27 Oct Okra In Tomato And Onion Sauce
Papaphillippou Stella 0 2380
Okra In Tomato And Onion Sauce. A simple no-fuss recipe. Ingredients: 1 Kilo tender Okra, try to find small rather than large the large okra can be stringy when cooked. 4 large onions chopped.  2 ..
24 Jun Cypriot Traditional Meatball Recipe
Papaphillippou Stella 0 2529
This is an old-time favourite everyone loves meatballs watch them disappear as you get them out the pan. This recipe feeds 6-8. Ingredients: Pork Mince - 1kilo Potatoes - 1328g finely grated Onion..
23 Jun Aubergine- Eggplant Yahni-Recipe
Papaphillippou Stella 0 2537
Aubergine/Eggplant Yahni. A simple delicious traditional Cypriot recipe that can be served hot or cold perfect as a side dish or main. One of my favourite almost self cook recipes. Ingredients:  8 ..
02 Apr Bourekia Recipe
Papaphillippou Stella 0 2520
Bourekia   One of my favourite Cypriot savouries, delicious pastry parcels filled with Anari - Ricotta  We have the Anari / Ricotta recipe on our blog.   Pastry Ingredients: 1 kg Plain Flour 1 ..
02 Apr Anari - Ricotta Cheese-recipe
Papaphillippou Stella 0 2693
Homemade Anari / Ricotta Cheese.  Items you will need... Skimmer.  Fine Strainer balancing on top of a deep bowl.  Whole Milk 4-6 pints Fresh Lemon Juice ( Squeezed from lemons ) Pour milk into ..
31 Mar Cannelloni Recipe
Papaphillippou Stella 0 2563
One of my favourite recipes, definitely worth the effort. This recipe feeds 6. Ingredients... 1kg Lean Mince Beef. 2 Large Onions Chopped. 2 Cloves Garlic Crushed. Flat Parsley Chopped. 1 Table..
29 Mar Macaroni And Tomato Recipe
Papaphillippou Stella 0 2417
One of the easiest pasta recipes great for beginners! This recipe feeds 4    500g Macaroni.  100g Grated halloumi or parmesan.  Pasta Sauce Ingredients: 6 Large Onions Chopped 1 Bunch Flat Parsl..
27 Mar Olive Pitta Recipe
Papaphillippou Stella 0 2639
A traditional Cyprus olive pitta recipe. This olive pitta is great for beginners. My only advice taste the olives before you add them in. Ingredients: 450g Black Olives weight with pips / remove pi..
27 Mar Tiropita-Haloumi Pitta-Recipe
Papaphillippou Stella 0 2432
Tiropitta or Halloumi Pitta is a savoury cake served hot or cold, I prefer mine pipping hot with a nice hot cup of tea. This recipe is ideal for beginners, happy baking! Ingredients: 250g Grated Ha..
07 Mar Traditional Cyprus Flaounes Recipe
Papaphillippou Stella 0 3228
 Pastry parcels filled with spice and herb cheese. This recipe is for 20-30 Flaouna Parcels. Cheese Filling Ingredients. 1 Kg Greek Cheese grated. 1 Kg Haloumi grated 18 Large Eggs 500g Semolina..
03 Mar Black Eye Bean Salad Recipe
Papaphillippou Stella 0 2927
Black eye beans are a good source of potassium, fibre, vitamin A, C, Magnesium and iron. 1 x 500gram pack serves 4 Ingredients:  1 x 500gram Black Eye Beans 1 x Bunch of Chard chopped. 1 x Fresh ..
02 Mar Lentil Pilaf Recipe
Papaphillippou Stella 0 2313
Lentil Pilaf is delicious hot or cold. A great source of fibre, potassium, iron and protein.  Ingredients: 1 x 500 grams Green Lentils 50g Long Grain Rice 1-2 Large Onion-Sliced 2 Table Spoon Coo..
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