The statement necklace is a single piece that can transform an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. More than just an accessory, it is a conversation starter, a reflection of personality, and a confidence booster rolled into one. But with so many designs, materials and styles available, navigating the world of statement necklaces can feel overwhelming.

This blog post is your one-stop guide to all things statement necklaces. We will delve into the history of these bold pieces, explore the different types available and provide tips on how to style them for any occasion.

The love affair with statement necklaces stretches back centuries. From the elaborate collars of ancient Egyptian royalty to the opulent jewelled pieces adorning European nobility, these necklaces have always symbolised power, wealth and cultural significance.

The 20th century saw a shift in the purpose of statement necklaces. Coco Chanel, a pioneer of modern fashion, introduced bold costume jewellery, making these pieces accessible to a wider audience. Throughout the decades, statement necklaces continued to evolve, reflecting the changing trends of the fashion world. From chunky plastic pieces of the 1980s to the delicate bib necklaces of 2010, each era has offered its unique take on this beloved accessory.

Today, statement necklaces remain a popular choice for fashion-forward individuals. With the rise of self-expression in fashion, these bold pieces allow wearers to showcase their unique style and personality.

Exploring different types of statement necklaces:

The beauty of statement necklaces lies in their diversity. There is a perfect piece for everyone, regardless of taste or style. At Zawzor shopping channel, we offer a delightful selection of statement necklaces in costume jewellery or sterling silver with precious gemstones, with the bonus of free delivery in the United Kingdom.

Here's a glimpse into the captivating world of statement necklaces.

Bib Necklaces: Featuring a wide, central element that rests on the collarbone, bib necklaces are perfect for adding a touch of vintage glamour. They come in various materials, from delicate lace to chunky beads, crystals or gemstones. 

Chandelier Necklaces: Named for their cascading layers that resemble a chandelier, these dramatic pieces are ideal for special occasions. They often feature crystals, pearls or genuine gemstones.

Collar Necklaces: Offering a more structured look, collar necklaces sit high on the neck, creating a dramatic silhouette. They can be made from various materials, including metal, fabric, leather, pearls and gemstones.

Pendant Necklaces: While pendants are not inherently statement pieces, the size and design of the pendant can transform a necklace into a bold focal point. Look for oversized pendants with intricate details or unique gemstones.

Multistrand Necklaces: Offering a layered look, multistrand necklaces combine multiple strands of beads, chains, pearls, gemstones or other elements. They come in various lengths and styles, allowing for endless customization.

Tassel Necklaces: Adding a touch of movement, tassel necklaces feature long flowing strands that add a playful element to any outfit.

How to style statement necklaces:

Statement necklaces are all about balance. Here are some tips to ensure your bold piece takes centre stage without overwhelming your look.

Know your neckline, the right neckline can make or break your statement necklace look. Opt for V-necks, scoop necks, or boat necks that allow the necklace to be the star.

When wearing a statement necklace, let it be the focal point. Opt for simpler clothing in solid colours or muted tones. Avoid competing patterns or overly busy accessories.

Consider length and proportion. The length of your statement necklace should complement your body type and outfit. Shorter necklaces work well with crewneck, while longer pieces can add verticality to shorter torsos.

Choose a piece that complements your outfit's colour palette or adds a vibrant pop of colour. Don't be afraid to mix metals.