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5 essentials from our store to grab before you head off on your summer holidays

Posted by Elizabeth Seyi 09/06/2022 0 Comment(s) Journal,

Isn’t it great that we’re now finally back in a position where we can think seriously about a summer vacation, without having to fret too much about lockdowns or similar restrictions? Of course, it is – and while COVID-19 has not ‘gone away’, and suitable precautions will need to be taken, you will at least probably be able to dream about spending time at the beach or by the pool in slightly… warmer and more exotic climes than the UK. 

Or, of course, you might intend to use your restored freedoms to embark on a city break in this country. You get the idea, anyway – for a lot of us, now is an excellent time to get some travelling done. 

So, let’s take a look at some of the items you might choose to bring with you, that can be purchased highly affordably right now via the Zawzor online shopping channel.  

Pedicure set 

We mentioned the beach and poolside above, and if this is the kind of summer vacation you’re planning, the fact that your feet and toes will be on show might prompt you to invest in what may be some much-overdue ‘TLC’ for them. 

This foot care pedicure set could be just the thing for that. It contains a callus shaver and a pack of blades, while the gorgeous pink tin box helps make it a great gift for someone else, too. 

A stash of sugar-free sweets 

Of course, not everything about a holiday is glamorous; there’s all of that time spent on buses, trains and planes, too – potentially many hours or even days, depending on where you’re going. And there are only so many ways to while away all that travelling time. 

You might be thankful, then, for having stocked up on sugar-free sweets, such as the Bonds of London brand’s sherbet lemons, chocolate eclairs, or spearmint chews

Three-piece PVC travel bag set 

No matter how ‘lightly’ you try to pack for your trip, the chances are that you will find yourself fumbling about for additional things to put your essential items in. And even once you’re at the airport, train station or coach station, you might find yourself fretting over what you did or didn’t remember to pack. 

So, something like this three-piece PVC travel bag set could be useful for keeping a lot of what you’ve packed – particularly those ‘wet’ bathroom items – together in one place. 

‘Football crazy’ travel mug 

As the text on this mug indicates, it pays homage to the famous male love for the ‘beautiful game’ – although of course, we must acknowledge all you men out there who aren’t the biggest football fans, and the significant number of women who are. Sure enough, you will also find travel mugs in our range that sport alternative messaging

It’s the functionality of this mug, however, that may especially interest you from a travelling perspective, what with it having the ability to maintain your drink at the desired temperature – whether hot or cold – for hour after hour. 

Men’s grooming set 

While we’re on the subject of men, if you’re a self-respecting guy wanting to look and feel your best for the entirety of your trip, this grooming set can be another great thing to have on you. 

It comprises all the key stainless-steel tools that you could need for day-to-day grooming within a solid and presentable brown travel case – think such things as large and small nail clippers, tweezers, a cuticle pusher, nail file, and more. 

Hopefully, the above will have given you some important inspiration for your upcoming trip, and reminded you of some of the things you’ll need to ensure you have packed. Don’t forget that we also deliver our products for free to UK customers, which should give you even more reason to favour our online shopping channel for your travel essentials!