It might be an all-too-familiar scenario – you’re getting ready to head out, and you look down to find a ladder in your black stockings. You take a deep breath and begin to panic, wondering what to do. 

Don't worry – there are some emergency fixes that can help you get through the day and save your stockings! From using nail polish to making the most of hairspray, discover three quick and easy ways to repair a ladder in your stockings below. 

What causes ladders in stockings?

Ladders in stockings can be caused by several factors, and some of the main reasons include:

  • Wearing the wrong size stockings

Stockings that are too big or too small will be more prone to ladders.

  • Snagging on jewellery and accessories

Rings, bracelets, and other sharp objects can catch on the fabric of your stockings and cause a ladder to form.

  • Washing with harsh detergents

Harsh detergents can damage the fabric of your stockings and make them more prone to ladders.

3 quick fixes for the ladders in your stockings 

If you find yourself facing a ladder in an ‘emergency’ situation, there are three quick fixes that can help:

  1. Nail polish

A quick fix for small ladders is nail polish. Select a colour that matches your stockings and use the brush to paint over the ladder. The polish will form a protective layer and help keep the run from getting worse. Be sure to apply multiple coats and let each coat dry before continuing.

  1. Hair spray

Another great temporary fix for ladders in your stockings is hair spray. Simply spray a generous amount of hairspray over the ladder and allow it to dry. Again, the hairspray will act as a protective layer, helping to ensure the run does not get worse. For an even stronger hold, use an extra-hold hairspray or one specifically designed for fabric.

  1. Soap

Soap can be another excellent ‘easy fix’ for a ladder in your stockings. Select a bar of soap that is a similar colour to your stockings and rub it over the ladder. Again, a protective layer will be formed. This method works best for small ladders or runs, as it won’t provide much protection for larger tears.

We can help ensure you’re always wearing gorgeously eye-catching stockings 

Ladders in your stockings can be a nuisance, but with the right emergency fix, you can save your stockings and avoid further damage. Consider using nail polish, hairspray, or soap to repair small ladders or runs and prevent them from getting worse.

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