Talk to almost anyone who appreciates the aesthetics of desire, and they’ll tell you there’s just something “about” the colour red. It is, of course, a colour that stands out in more or less any context, even if you are simply walking past someone wearing a red shirt in the supermarket. However, it is also a hue that evokes a sense of passion, energy, and confidence – even danger. 

Something else that the colour red has long been associated with is seduction – indeed, many people continue to be of the view that it is the sexiest colour for lingerie. 

So, you might not be too surprised to see that here at Zawzor, we stock no shortage of red lingerie, encompassing the best in red stockings, corset sets, and even thongs that will have more than a few hearts pounding with desire when they see you wearing them. 

But putting our product range aside – why does red make so much sense as a lingerie colour, and embody so much potency? We thought we’d take a look at some of the key factors. 

It beautifully complements any skin tone 

There aren’t many colours that are as effective as red when it comes to flattering pretty much every possible complexion. Whether you have fair skin, olive skin, medium skin, skin with warm and golden undertones, or for that matter, darker skin, there is sure to be red lingerie out there that will complement your skin tone and have your lover, dare we say it, salivating. 

It can be a great confidence-booster 

You might expect us to claim this is the case, but it’s not just a claim. Research was literally carried out a few years ago, which indicated that wearing red could help someone perceive themselves as being more attractive. 

The study in question involved 180 students sitting in front of a mirror in either a red or blue shirt, and being asked to observe their reflections before completing a survey. Sure enough, the participants who wore red gave themselves higher ratings – in terms of both attractiveness and sexual appeal – than those who wore blue. 

So, if you feel that you could do with a bit of a confidence boost, helping yourself to a red corset-and-thong set or a red satin nightdress from the Zawzor online shopping channel could be just the thing. 

It injects excitement into your lingerie collection alongside black, white, and nude tones 

You only need to take a casual look through the Zawzor womenswear range to see that we make available many seductive items of lingerie in colours other than red. And of course, black, white, and nude styles are available that we’re massive fans of. 

Red, though… well, it’s fair to say it adds a certain ‘something else’ to a lingerie drawer. Maybe it’s that, as we said above, splash of passion or danger that so many people irrevocably associate with the colour red. 

But we’d suggest the sheer versatility of red is a great boon for your lingerie ensembles, too. A few well-chosen items of red lingerie can go brilliantly with a black T-shirt or jeans, for example, even if you still reserve such items largely for the bedroom rather than for wearing underneath your everyday or ‘night-out’ attire. 

We could go on and on about the wonders of red, but you probably get our message by now – it’s a seriously seductive colour that we reckon every lady ought to have at least some of in her lingerie collection. 

And here at Zawzor, we offer a generous selection of such items to peruse and buy at great prices, encompassing must-not-miss red stockings, corsets, nightdresses, and so much more. Oh, and then there’s the free delivery we offer to UK customers, which should give you even more reason to shop with us!