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3 ways to ensure you purchase the right plus size lingerie for your lover

Posted by Elizabeth Seyi 27/05/2022 0 Comment(s) Journal,

There has long been a certain school of thought in some circles that buying lingerie for someone else is… not always a brilliant idea. And we aren’t necessarily referring to the mere sentiment of purchasing sexy lingerie gifts, but instead the embarrassment and awkwardness that can arise around it – particularly if you end up getting her something in the wrong size, or in a colour she dislikes.

The good news, though, is that it’s not automatically impossible to purchase your sweetheart some saucy lingerie that she really will love. So, if this is your mission, here are three tips that will help take a lot of stress out of the process. 

Know her size – and be sneaky, if you have to be

How many boyfriends or girlfriends know their plus size female partner’s underwear sizes by heart? It’s probably a vanishingly small percentage, so you shouldn’t feel too embarrassed if you have no idea, either. 

It’s an old-fashioned tip, but if you really do want to surprise her with the sexy lingerie gifts you purchase for her, you might have little option but to check her underwear drawer in order to work out her size. 

When you’re seeking to establish an accurate size, it’s a better idea to take your cue from the underwear at the front of her drawer, than from what she has at the back of the drawer. After all, it’s the items at the front that are likelier to be those she wears on an everyday basis. 

Carefully observe the colours and styles she likes to wear 

Even if there is a particular look or specific lingerie that you would personally love to see her in, the fact is, you will still be buying an intimate gift for her to wear. So, your choices will need to be guided by her own sense of style – at least, if you are to have much hope of her actually wearing what you buy her. 

With that in mind, be sure to pay close attention to what she wears in her day-to-day life. Does she seem to be particularly drawn to red, blue or any other specific colour? And what about her overall aesthetic – is she understated, or does she adopt more romantic and feminine looks? These are all factors that could guide you when deciding between potential sexy lingerie gifts for her. 

Consider what she loves, and doesn’t love about herself 

Another clue you are likely to get from simply observing your lover and the styles she chooses to wear for herself, is what parts of her body she might like to flaunt, and which areas she may prefer to keep covered. Or, of course, she may have had conversations with you about precisely this subject. 

Whatever lingerie you buy for her, it is in the interests of both of you for her to feel truly fabulous wearing it – instead of it causing her bodily insecurities to flare up. If, for example, she isn’t the greatest fan of her tummy, as can be the case for many self-conscious plus size women, you might be likelier to get her a corset than a bra and panty set. 

With our own range of lingerie gifts on sale here at Zawzor also including a broad selection of items in styles and sizes that really flatter plus size women, it doesn’t have to be overly difficult to find corset and thong sets, nightdresses, hold-ups, and many other offerings that your beloved will feel confident wearing. Plus, delivery from us is free for UK customers, which could leave more of your budget free to spend on the jaw-dropping lingerie itself!