When it comes to supercharging your productivity in the workplace, it is fair to say that there are many dos and don’ts you are likely to learn more through trial and error than anything else.

This is so you aren’t told, about these tips and tricks in advance. Yes, you can benefit from what other people have learned and reported about the most of office time. 

Here are just a few tried-and-tested techniques. 

Minimise distractions and interruptions 

Some distractions and interruptions on your typical workday will inevitably come from colleagues dropping by your desk to speak to you about something. But there will also be some causes of interruption that are effectively self-imposed and therefore have greater power to change. 

Have you, for example, remembered to put your phone in “do not disturb” mode during working hours? What about using headphones to block out distractions from your workplace, such as someone on the next desk talking about what they watched on TV last night? There are even various options for “browser blocker” software, to help limit your time spent on non-work-related sites. 

Think small to win big 

Of course, your schedule on an average workday could have time-draining duties and smaller, relatively fleeting to-dos. It can be good for your confidence to prioritise the former, as you can then “get them out of the way”, allowing you to relax more easily for the rest of the day.

However, why are you more relaxed about doing those smaller tasks anyway? It is likely because work isn’t as daunting when it constitutes small, easy-to-digest chunks. So, why not break down your larger tasks into more manageable steps? 

Look after your health

What you do outside the workplace can be what you do inside it. One good case in point: keeping up a fitness regime in your personal life can give you the stamina you need to complete a lengthy string of jobs.

Even after you wake up in the morning it can pay off handsomely for you to get some water down your neck before following up with your routine coffee. 

Also, do you need to take medication during the day? The range of men’s accessories we offer here at Zawzor includes pocket pillboxes where you keep pills close discreetly.

Invest in gear that can do double-duty 

It stands to reason that the more your work equipment can do, the more it can help you to do if, for instance, you have an iPad, you could invest in an iPad folio with a notebook. This would allow you to work on a tablet computer or paper but, also fluidly switch between the two as your needs dictate.

Meanwhile, if your work often brings you to conferences or trade shows, a card case can keep business cards safe and protected so that you can hand them out in great condition to potential clients and partners. 

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