We all know that this time of year is supposed to be about new beginnings, but for today’s blog post, we’re referencing something that has been spoken of as a fashion trend for a good few years now: wearing innerwear as outerwear. 

You might have noticed this look on the catwalk, or even down your local high street, and it’s fair to say several misconceptions have sprung up around it. 

Some people appear to be under the impression that wearing lingerie as outerwear in any form is inherently risqué, and requires the wearer to show a lot of skin, only for people who are stereotypically “supermodel-skinny”. 

Wearing innerwear on the outside can be for more or less everyone! 

In truth, one of the reasons why the lingerie-as-outerwear trend has persisted beyond just one or two fashion seasons is its immense versatility. 

Almost irrespective of the wearer’s body type, sartorial preferences, or whether they even want others to notice they are wearing underwear as outerwear, there will almost certainly be a look (or seven) under the lingerie-as-outerwear banner that works brilliantly for them. 

This ‘trend’ can work in so many captivating ways 

Another great thing about lingerie as outerwear is that it isn’t an approach to fashion, that is subject to any existing long-established rules (other than the “rule” you will be breaking by embracing this aesthetic in the first place). 

So, while some people experimenting with this trend may boldly wear a black, red, or white corset on the outside for all to see, others might go for comparatively understated nude stockings, or don a camisole as if it was a regular top

Think of some of the things that help to make lingerie items such as stockings, hold-ups, corsets, bustiers, and babydolls alluring: those fine fabrics, trims, and strappy and floral details… many of those elements could work just as well for you externally, as they do under layers. 

And if any particular lingerie-as-outerwear look that you try this spring doesn’t necessarily work super well… hey, you’re only just starting to venture out in the sun after months on end in the darkness and drizzle. So, it’s OK to toy around with different ideas. 

Some of the most effective steps will be the smallest 

If you’re feeling a bit scared, be subtle to begin with – have one traditionally “sexy” lingerie item, such as a corset, and balance this out with business-casual attire for the rest of your outfit. 

Given that much of the whole point of lingerie-as-outerwear in the first place is arguably to embody subtle sexiness instead of trying to be bold and raunchy, this might well be the kind of vibe you stick with throughout the remainder of your spring and into the summer. 

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