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Five reasons why you shouldn’t hold off on holdups

Posted by Elizabeth Seyi 25/08/2022 0 Comment(s) Journal,

Hold-ups can be an excellent addition to your lingerie collection – they are comfortable, easy to wear, and can be worn for many different occasions.


Still not convinced, or simply looking for an excuse to make that purchase? Then here are our top five reasons to add holdups to your wardrobe – you can thank us later!


  1. They’re comfortable to wear


It may come as something of a surprise, but one of the major advantages of hold-ups comes from their comfort. Unlike other types of underwear such as classic tights or shapewear, which can cause chafing and irritation if worn for too long, hold-ups have no seams and therefore offer maximum comfort.


Hold ups are designed to fit comfortably under clothing, so they won't dig into the skin or cause discomfort. This means you'll feel more confident wearing them all day long, and if you feel great, you will look incredible!


  1. They look sexy


Holdups look sexy on their own, but when combined with other pieces of lingerie, they really come alive. You can wear them as part of a set, or pair them with a corset, suspender belt or stockings. This is a perfect opportunity to really feel your best, and enjoy the boost to your overall confidence, happiness, and wellbeing.


  1. They’re great for warmer weather 


If you live in a warmer climate, then hold-ups are even ideal for keeping warm during the winter months. Unlike traditional tights, there is no fabric or material over the brief area, and nothing higher than the mid-upper thigh. 


This makes them a perfect option if you are looking for coverage during the warmer months, without feeling restricted or uncomfortable, and ensures that you find the perfect compromise.


  1. They can be worn with anything


The traditional portrayal of hold-ups is of course as underwear, but fashions transform and evolve, and your holdups no longer need to be limited to hiding beneath your clothes. If you want to try something new, then hold-ups can work perfectly well as outerwear.


Whether you team a cute pair of hold-ups with a pair of shorts for a daring look, or simply wear them underneath a dress or skirt to liven up an otherwise casual outfit, they are versatile enough to work with almost any outfit, and can add a twist to clothes and items that you have started to tire of or need inspiration for.


  1. They make a statement


There’s no denying that hold-ups make a statement, whether it’s by themselves or when paired with other items of lingerie. Whether you choose to wear them as a subtle accessory while out and about, or go all-out with a full ensemble for that special someone behind closed doors, the right pair of hold-ups is guaranteed to turn heads for all the right reasons.


So… what are you waiting for? 


So, what's the hold-up? Head across now to check out our collection of stunning holdups here at Zawzor, and make a purchase that can make a real difference to your style.