Ask a lot of people, and they’ll say that the colder months aren’t necessarily a time when they feel super sexy, or even very inclined to get down. 

This is the season, after all, of dry skin, chapped lips, and chilly toes poking out from under the duvet. It just can’t compare to when you’re showing off your swim-toned physique on the beach at the height of summer, and attracting those admiring glances from guys (and ladies)… or can it? 

Here at Zawzor, we’re determined to convince you that you can feel ultra-saucy and desirable at this time of year. Yes, that includes sitting indoors in four or five layers of jumpers and still feeling on the icy side.


But it helps if you know what to do to feel sexy. So, here are some of our favourite tips for women on this subject. 

Be open and communicative with your partner – and avoid shaming 

This is a tip that presumes, of course, that you already have a partner. And to reiterate what will hopefully be obvious, honest and open communication is crucial at every relationship stage! However, it arguably becomes even more so during the colder seasons, when strain between lovers can arise due to the rush of Christmas preparations and heavy festive spending. 

Let’s face it – you will probably be spending a lot of time indoors at this time of year anyway. So, if you were already “meaning to get around” to discussing your sex lives together, the winter period could present an excellent moment to do it. 

But if you’re serious about restoring intimacy to your relationship, or simply driving it up to new levels, you need to approach such communication from an angle of compassion and curiosity. Saying anything that will cause your partner shame or embarrassment is sure to kill any “fizz” between you quickly.  

Maybe you could talk together about certain fantasies you have long fancied exploring, to see whether your partner would be interested, too. Or perhaps one or both of you “don’t feel sexy” right now? In that case, you might explore ways of helping to “bring the sexy back”, such as by donning the right makeup and/or lingerie (more on that subject in a moment). 

Get yourselves oiled up! 

Whether it’s your partner who will be massaging you or the other way around, doing so with warming oils can feel exceedingly soothing and pleasurable on those otherwise biting cold winter evenings. 

There are some gorgeous-smelling warming oils that you could look out for with this in mind, such as pine, ginger, orange, cypress, and eucalyptus, to cite just a few possibilities. 

A word of warning, though: make sure you purchase oils that are meant to be used as lubricants on the human body. You won’t want to risk irritation or infections. 

Treat yourself – or the woman in your life – to some jaw-dropping stockings or lingerie 

Just because we wrap up more in the winter months, doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be sexy gifts underneath to unwrap! That’s why investing in some seductive black stockings from a source such as Zawzor could make sense for reasons beyond mere gift-giving….helping you or your partner to look and feel undeniably desirable. 

Indeed, we have an extensive selection of stockings, holdups, and all manner of other women’s clothing and accessories in our online shopping channel. And with the likes of glamorous dressing gowns, robes, corsets and bustiers available too, we offer a lot of genuinely sexy attire that also doesn’t need to leave you shivering at this time of year. 

True sexiness, after all, is about showing as little or as much skin as you like, and feeling comfortable and confident in doing so – whether or not you also need to turn up the thermostat. 

Don’t forget that we offer free UK delivery on all of our online store’s offerings, too. That could be one more excellent reason to shop at Zawzor this season, whether for yourself or someone else.