We don’t think, here at Zawzor, that it’s a controversial point for us to say parents deserve all the respect and love they receive from us. 

You may be wondering when Father’s Day is celebrated in the UK. It’s important that dads get lots of recognition for the love and support that they provide to their children. That’s why you should at least get your dad a card and a present. 

What day is Father’s Day celebrated? 

The best way to remember the date of Father’s Day is that it is always in June on the third Sunday of the month. This means the date of Father’s Day actually changes every year. This year, Father’s Day is going to be on Sunday 18th of June. Interestingly, this year falls on the summer solstice. Therefore, Father’s Day is going to feel much longer. How lucky! 

What do fathers want for Father’s Day? 

You may be considering what sort of gift ideas for men there are if you want to give your father a present. Of course, your father will truly cherish your company over any gift that you could give them. However, if you do intend to get them a gift, Zawzor may have some ideas for you. Some ideas for a truly memorable present include: 

  • Cufflinks

  • Card cases

  • Mugs

  • Wallets

  • Ties and tie clips

  • Shaving sets

You can also make your gifts, including drawings or photographs books and videos. 

How do you celebrate Father’s Day? 

Honestly, Father’s Day celebrations are dependent on your family and how lavish your celebrations tend to be. You can host a party or take a holiday to celebrate Father’s Day, but you may want to make it more personal for you and your dad. 

Take the time to talk together to learn more about him and your family history. You may also want to keep it simple and do a puzzle together, play games, or watch a movie. What matters is that you spend time together. Time is truly one of the best gift ideas for men, especially fathers.

Are you ready for Father’s Day? 

Father’s Day is coming up in a few months, so you should make sure you plan what you are going to do to celebrate. 

With free UK delivery being available from our team at Zawzor, you have even more reason to peruse our extensive range of Father’s Day gift ideas for men in 2023!