If we were entirely honest with ourselves, most of us would probably admit that we feel conflicted at times about whether to embrace our distinctive idiosyncrasies or instead try to “blend in” with the people around us. 

This conflict might feel especially strong in the workplace, an environment where conformity has historically tended to be valued higher than almost anything else.  

Times change, though. In recent years, employers have realised that when their workers are empowered to embrace the things that make them distinctive, this can be a plus, not a minus. 

Even that long-time term, “cultural fit”, seems to be gradually giving away to “cultural add”, as a heightened emphasis is placed on the value of having a diverse range of people, with many different perspectives, in one workplace. 

But let’s turn our attention to a certain man in your life – perhaps your husband or boyfriend, or even a brother, uncle, colleague, or friend. 

How can you help make it easier for him to celebrate what makes him… well, him. Below, we’ve set out some great suggestions. 

He could decorate his cubicle or desk space 

Confident self-expression so often starts with the small things. Perhaps, then, you could encourage him to make his workspace feel slightly more authentic to him and his interests. 

It could begin with something as simple as adding a framed photo of his family, or of his favourite musicians or movie stars. Or he could bring to work that “mug in a tin” you got him from Zawzor, centred on a passion of his like football, rugby, or angling

He could switch up his style in subtle ways 

Of course, if a man needs to dress formally for work, he needs to dress formally. The great news, though, is that professional wear doesn’t have to automatically mean unimaginative or undistinctive wear. 

If, for example, you are seeking out the perfect anniversary or birthday gifts for your husband, a few of the offerings that catch your eye from our range of ties and cufflinks could be ideal for elevating your man’s look at the next business meeting he attends. 

He could be an individuality ‘role model’ in his workplace 

What do we mean when we talk about a person “being themselves”, rather than feeling the need to overly “blend in”? Are we referring to aspects of their personality, such as their level of introversion or extroversion? What about their social or cultural background, religion, or sexual orientation? Where do passions such as the arts or sports come in? 

The truth is that all these aspects can feed into what makes a given person distinctive. And when your man communicates this to his co-workers, clients, and customers, he can serve as a powerful role model, effectively permitting them to “be themselves”, too. 

It’s all very powerful stuff! To get brilliant deals on the anniversary or birthday gifts for your husband that could help him embrace his own individuality, please don’t hesitate to peruse the Zawzor online store today