Hosiery is known to be any type of stylish and elegant legwear that covers women’s feet and legs, such as stockings and tights. 

While, back in earlier centuries, hosiery was originally created to cover up women’s exposed legs, in the 1920s women finally began wearing shorter skirts and flapper dresses. During this time, it was still frowned upon for a woman to show bare skin. Therefore, hosiery was used as a way of covering their legs. Funnily enough, some women were using their garters as a method of hiding their alcohol bottles during the prohibition. 

Hosiery later became a bigger fashion statement for women throughout the 20th century. However, by the 1990s, many women seemed to move away from stockings and tights, with bare legs coming more into fashion. By the 2000s, stockings and tights were largely regarded as items best suited to the intimacy of the bedroom. 

Now in 2023, let's explore why you should incorporate hosiery back into your wardrobe. 

Layer up an outfit with pantyhose 

Dressing in sheer garment forms of hosiery, also known as pantyhose, is a fun way to add another layer to your outfit, while keeping some playfulness. In 2023, there is a wide variety of styles, colours, patterns, and material thicknesses to choose from, showing that pantyhose is a fun and liberating way to express yourself through your outfit. 

Elevate your body shape

No matter what size you are, or body shape or height you have, hosiery can be incorporated into your wardrobe to add class, elegance, and glamour to your look. Understanding how different types of hosiery can help elevate different shapes and sizes can be useful when planning your look. 

Darker colours can aid in “slimming” your look. Meanwhile, brighter colours can assist in making your legs look longer. On top of this, pregnant women can wear hosiery for support and contour of their belly. 

Feel confident in the bedroom

Hosiery won’t only put a smile on your partner’s face during moments of intimacy, but it can also help you elevate your femininity and feel more daring and confident during those intimate moments. So, you shouldn’t be afraid to express your desires and boldness by exploring different types of hosiery for the bedroom. 

Even though hosiery has been around for hundreds of years, developing and fluctuating in terms of trends, it is not a style that should be forgotten about in 2023. Now is the time to be playful with your stockings and tights, and to explore new ways to wear them. 

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