As a woman, you might not have always made the most of the potential of hosiery – the collective term for socks, tights, and stockings – as a confidence booster. After all, whenever you might have wanted to feel sexy at various points in the past, you may have been more inclined to turn to the likes of bras, bodysuits, and corsets. 

You don’t need to wait until the sun goes down to have an excuse to don some saucy hosiery. Although stockings look stunning as part of a lingerie set, they can work well with almost anything (within reason), even outside of the bedroom, where any partner might be more accustomed to seeing them.


Here at Zawzor, we know countless ways for women to dress down their stockings and feel sexy in the daytime. Peruse our most recommended outfit ideas below.

  1. Try a jumper dress, blazer and flats

For a relaxed outfit that still has sex appeal and takes the cold weather into account, we recommend pairing your stockings with a cosy jumper dress, blazer or jacket, and flats. Sweater dresses that flatter your shape are underrated for their sexy vibe! 

By pairing a short sweater dress with black stockings – a classic colour packing quite the punch – and a matching blazer and ballet flats, you will feel put-together during the working week, but more importantly, also unstoppable and secure in yourself. 

  1. Consider a bodysuit and skirt combo

At Zawzor, we have a range of sexy bodysuits that can be paired up or down for day and nighttime wear. When pairing a bodysuit with a monochrome skirt and stockings in whatever colour you fancy, you will channel that classy-sexy-elegant look to which so many ladies aspire. 

It’s a perfect aesthetic for bottomless brunch dates, time spent with a lover, or a power walk while you tear through the town.

  1. Layer your stockings underneath cropped trousers

For our last little tip about dressing down your stockings for sexy daytime wear, we advocate layering your stockings underneath cropped (or capri) trousers. There is so much versatility with this look, too.

By layering your stockings underneath denim, you will be making their sexiness work and errand-appropriate! But if you layer stockings underneath leather trousers, you level up the look to be more dangerous, edgy, and seductive. 

Make sure your stockings are in view by pairing them with sleek heels or flats. 

At Zawzor, we have an attractive selection of stockings and hold-ups as part of our women’s clothing range. Our online shopping channel is, without a doubt, the one-stop shop for creating outfits that boost your confidence and unleash your feminine power! From our corsets and bustiers to our plush dressing gowns, Zawzor allows you to be as comfortable and sexy (or both!) as you’d like.

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