Let’s face it; men can be tricky to buy gifts for, in part because even if you ask your husband or boyfriend what they would like to receive as a present on their birthday or another special occasion, they may often insist they “don’t need much”. Although of course, we’re trying not to generalise too much here. 

Anyway, you get the idea – with a lot of guys, just a few birthdays need to pass before all of the “obvious” gift ideas or ways to celebrate have been exhausted. 

So, let’s take you beyond the obvious, with the below creative and unconventional ways to mark your boyfriend or husband’s next birthday. 

Book a barista class for him 

If your husband or boyfriend always seems to be industriously ploughing through his work and worrying about his assignment deadlines – and a consequence, apparently constantly loaded up on caffeine – why not make a little nod to this, by arranging a barista class for him? 

After all, if he isn’t likely to kick the coffee habit anytime soon, he might as well perfect it, learning how to make an espresso that hits the spot just nicely. 

Get him a mug in a tin 

Well, we’ve just been talking about coffee, so we might as well throw in the mug. More specifically, we’re talking about our legendary ‘mugs in a tin’ that you will find among our excellently priced and fun birthday gifts for men right here in the Zawzor online store. 

You can’t go far wrong when shopping for a mug, given that your hubby or boyfriend will almost certainly use it at some point – and our own ‘mugs in a tin’ are themed around common hobbies and interests such as football, rugby, and angling

Buy him tickets for an event he loves 

You’ve probably had conversations with your hubby or boyfriend that involved him insisting that he “isn’t really into that much”. But is that the case? 

A lot of the time, it does turn out that a man has his “thing”; that big interest or hobby that keeps him going, whatever the stresses and strains in the rest of his world. Getting to know what that “thing” is could enable you to secretly book an event that aligns nicely with his interest. 

He might be into a particular musical artist or band, for instance – in which case, you could grab tickets for the two of you for the band’s next tour or a tribute show. Or maybe he spends all his time on social media talking about stand-up comedy or a certain sports team? Again, this will give you great ideas for events you could go to with him, to mark his birthday in style. 

Purchase some entrancing and unusual jewellery for him 

If your man is the type of wear and treasure jewellery and has the right kind of aesthetic preferences, the distinctive sterling silver horse ring or dragon ring you will find in our present online range could be just the item to captivate him. 

Both are remarkably detailed pieces that will attract no shortage of admiring glances – and as is the case for our other possible birthday gifts for men, they can be purchased with nothing to pay for UK delivery

Create a ‘memories bucket’ 

If you can’t decide on just one gift that you are confident will be sufficiently meaningful for him… why restrict yourself to just one? 

The idea behind a ‘memories bucket’ is that it effectively brings together several gifts in one. Think back to all the special memories and milestones in your relationship so far, and buy a small gift to represent each one. Then, put those gifts together in a literal bucket to present to your beloved (decorated to impress, of course). That sure sounds like a fun gift idea to us, and one that will be memorable for your husband or boyfriend for all the right reasons. 

You don’t need to struggle to come up with ideas for birthday gifts for men in your life when you have Zawzor. Our comprehensive and great-value online shopping channel has it all, so don’t forget to refer to us when you are next on the lookout for a distinctive present for any of your loved ones.