Your wedding anniversary will certainly be a very special date for you, but if your own anniversary is close to the New Year, it might seem a particularly tricky task for you to select an appropriate gift for your man. 

After all, Christmas may have just passed, and you might have got them everything they obviously want. What, then, could you buy them for a New Year (or near-New Year) anniversary? 

One strategy we would suggest is getting him something he will definitely use, especially if you already got him a fair few more ‘sentimental’ presents for Christmas. So, with no further ado, let’s take a look at what your options could be from the Zawzor store. 

A leather wallet 

A wallet, you might think, is a wallet. But if your man could do with one, whether due to their previous one looking a little ‘worse for wear’ or them even being in the habit of carrying around their cards and money in a much less secure way, the New Year anniversary could be the perfect moment to buy them one. 

We especially love this classy green number from Artamis, which is made from genuine Italian leather, has loads of useful compartments, and is even RFID-blocking, to help protect your sweetheart’s personal data. Oh, and it comes in a pouch and gift box, ideal for presenting it to him in style. 

And if that particular wallet doesn’t grab your attention, it’s worth bearing in mind that we offer a wider range of men’s wallets in an assortment of styles and colours. 

An iPad folio and notebook 

If your hubby is constantly going from place to place with his tablet in hand – perhaps spending a lot of time on trains and planes, heading from one business trip to another – why not get him an iPad folio and notebook, again from the Artamis brand? 

At the time of us writing this blog post, there were two options for an iPad folio and notebook in our store, with one of them being designed to hold an iPad mini, and the other a larger iPad

So, if you’re interested in buying one of these as an anniversary gift, we would urge you to pay close attention to the dimensions on the relevant product page, and perhaps sneakily check them against those of his device at home while he isn’t looking. 

Regardless of which one you get, we can’t think of a much better idea for an anniversary gift than one that will help him be more satisfied and productive in his work, and maybe even on his commute! 

A luxurious silk tie… or two, or three 

While we’re on the subject of business meetings, we might as well draw some attention to the fabulously stylish ties that our online shopping channel also has on offer at excellent prices. 

With the colour and pattern options including the likes of gold check, black and white stripe multi-pattern, and multi-check navy, orange, blue and white, you can be sure of him looking sharp when he returns to the office in January after the festive break. These ties also come in gift boxes for even easier presentation to your beloved. 

A shaving set 

Making a great first impression is always important, and if you want to ensure he’s doing exactly that early in 2023, a luxury shaving set – such as this marble-effect one consisting of a Mach 3 shaving razor, badger brush and stand – could be just the thing. If you do get him this, you can expect it to take pride of place in the bathroom for years to come! 

We offer options for shaving sets beyond that one, and even Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Cream ideal for evoking that ‘visit to the olde worlde barber shop’ feeling – and lifting all those tiny hairs for a super-close shave. 

There you have it – just a few potential anniversary gifts for him from our store that could be more than suitable if your anniversary coincides with, or is near, a New Year. Why not help yourself to the gift or two that happens to be catching your eye, while stocks last?