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Brand: Morphakis
Pickled caper leaves.Weight: 270g.Hand-picked during the summer months from the wild caper bushes prepared and soaked in vinegar.Straight to your table to serve as part of a meze or in a crispy Greek salad, delicious addition to cream cheese,pizza or smoked salmon...
Brand: Morphakis
Mosfilo Jam.Weight: 340g.Mosfilo is a Mediterranean fruit used for jam...
Morphakis Quince Jam - Best Before Date 27.3.2023 Morphakis Quince Jam - Best Before Date 27.3.2023
Out Of Stock
Brand: Morphakis
Quince Jam.Weight: 340g.Quince jam is fragrant, with a unique flavour of a floral aroma. Serve with cheese on toasted bread or crackers. ..
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