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Clove Drops - Best Before Date - 6.11.2022

Clove Dropsindividually wrapped red and white strip clove drops.Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose, Syrup, ..


Pear Drops 225g - Best Before Date - 17.4.2021 Out Of Stock

Pear Drops 225g - Best Before Date - 17.4.2021

Pear DropsIndividually wrapped Jargonelle pear drops boiled sweets with a fabulous variety flavour.I..


Rhubarb And Custard Best Before 10.6.2022

Royale Rhubarb And CustardA rich deep custard flavour followed by a tangy rhubarb.Boiled sweets prod..


Rosey Apples- Best Before Date - 12.05.2022

Rosey ApplesThis classic apple flavour boiled sweet is sharp, sweet and sour all at the same time.Ma..