It would be something of an understatement to say that the coronavirus pandemic has been a tricky and stressful time to try and get married! Many of us had long had a date arranged to tie the knot with our beloved, only for a little something called COVID-19 to come along and slightly ruin things. And by now, some of us will have rescheduled our nuptials quite a few times. 

Even now, it’s far from clear what will happen to some of those carefully planned wedding days for the summer of 2021 and beyond. 

21st June was supposed to be the big “freedom day” when all coronavirus restrictions were removed. But amid worries about the Delta variant of the virus, Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently announced that many pandemic-related rules would continue for another month

While the originally planned “freedom day” does see the previous limit on wedding guest numbers removed, there will still be social distancing rules effectively restricting how many people any given venue can host. There will also still be conditions in relation to face coverings, singing and dancing. 

What does this mean for your own wedding preparations? 

This is something that every couple will probably have their own answer for. But even if you do ultimately decide to postpone or rearrange your special day yet again, there could at least be one positive: the opportunity to add a few more finishing touches to your wedding get-up. 

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There’s very little way to ‘spin’ the disappointment of your long-dreamed-for wedding having to be delayed, rearranged or cancelled altogether amid the sheer unpredictability of coronavirus-related restrictions. But here at Zawzor, we’re committed to helping couples as best as we can in these strange times, with great deals on highly desirable wedding accessories and essentials. 

Don’t forget that as always here at our online shopping channel, we offer free delivery to UK customers, which gives you the luxury of continuing to buy online if you’re not entirely comfortable returning to high-street retailers just yet. From everyone on our team, we wish you the very best for your upcoming wedding – whenever it happens, and whatever form it takes!