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Buying lingerie for yourself for the first time? Here’s how to get it right

Posted by Elizabeth Seyi 15/02/2022 0 Comment(s) Journal,

The world of women’s lingerie can be terrifying if you have never purchased your own before – but that doesn’t mean you can’t quickly get to grips with the broad range of fabulously seductive lingerie out there. 

Whether you shop for corsets, thongs, hold-ups, camisoles, or all manner of other flattering lingerie items, they can be a great way of expressing your self-confidence, sensuality and personal style. 

So, let’s make it a slightly less intimidating process for you to actually shop for women’s lingerie, with these quick and handy tips. 

Feel free to just casually browse 

This is easier for an online shopping channel like us to say, but whether you first go lingerie shopping online or at high-street outlets, you don’t necessarily need to know exactly what you’re looking for straight away. 

When you’re a lingerie beginner, it’s OK to not have your ‘aesthetic’ pinned down yet, and to just explore, picking up inspirations and ideas along the way. 

Don’t immediately presume that lingerie ‘isn’t for you’ 

Of course, no woman has to own any particular lingerie. But equally, it’s easy for some women to take a look at and even try on a few styles and colours, only to quickly decide that lingerie can’t possibly be ‘for them’. 

The fact is, there will be some items that you like the look of initially, only to change your mind about later – perhaps after actually wearing them. Then, there are those items that you will love at first sight, and keep on loving once you try them on… and even items you might be unsure about, until you try them on… at which point, you may realise this is a look for you. 

Be open to experimenting with colour, lace and other elements 

If you usually wear nude-toned or black lingerie and have ever thought, “I wonder whether I could get away with delicate lace, gold satin or dramatic red stockings?”, shopping for sexy lingerie presents you with the perfect opportunity to try it out! 

And sure, you might feel that certain ‘looks’ just don’t ‘work’ for you. But you will also almost certainly make some pleasantly surprising discoveries, and in many ways, that’s what shopping for saucy lingerie is all about. 

Remember that it’s not mandatory to shop for women’s lingerie, which is all the more reason to enjoy your own journey with it! There’s no need to ‘look’ a particular way in lingerie, other than the way that makes you feel fabulous and confident – and there’s certainly no need to wear lingerie simply to please someone else or to comply with whatever you presume ‘women like me’ should look like.

Don’t forget, too, that delivery of items from our online store is free to UK customers – just what more benefit when you shop for women’s lingerie with Zawzor.