The process of deciding on and purchasing sexy lingerie gifts for your sweetheart doesn’t have to be overwhelming – after all, it is for both the giver and the receiver to enjoy! If you are looking to get your other half something special ‘just because, here is a guide to help you through every step of the way. 

There’s no rush – take your time to consider every option

Arguably the most important tip for people buying their partner sexy lingerie gifts is to not panic and rush the decision. Choosing the first lingerie set that you see is not sexy at all! Take your time to consider every option, including the wide range of sizes, styles, colours, sets, and combinations. 

You might also take a few days to gather as much information as possible about your partner’s likes and dislikes when it comes to undergarments so that you can be confident of choosing sexy lingerie gifts she will genuinely love.  

Find out the right size for her lingerie

Essential information that you absolutely must find out is your partner’s lingerie size. Ill-fitting lingerie will not make her feel sexy as she deserves. Even if you think you know her sizes, it is best to double-check, as these sizes can change over time. 

Remember that the boobs and waist are two different sizes! If you want to keep it secret, check her existing underwear to see what the labels say. Bra sizes are more difficult to determine if you don’t want to rummage around her drawers or make your purchase obvious; however, waist sizes can alternatively be figured out by looking at the labels in her jeans or trousers. 

Understand bra sizes to make it easier

When getting her size, if you don’t wear a bra yourself, the sizing can be a little complicated to get your head around. Understanding how bra sizes work might make the process a little easier and a lot less daunting! 

Although the sizing might look overly complicated, it’s actually quite simple. A first part is a number, which is the band size, or the inches around the back. This is followed by a letter, which is the cup size. For example, someone with a band size of 34 and D cups will be a 34D.  

Make sure you get the style of underwear she likes

Every woman has a range of different underwear styles that they like – one for everyday wear, one for special occasions, and one for when they are feeling sexy. For this reason, getting the right underwear can be one of the most difficult aspects of choosing between sexy lingerie gifts. 

Not only this, but there is a wide range of garments, in general, to choose from, like teddies, chemises, babydolls, body stockings, corsets and basques, plus hold ups, suspenders, and thigh-high stockings. Work out what is right for her and choose something that you know will make her feel comfortable. 

Now that you have these top tips, you are ready to start looking at sexy lingerie gifts and can be sure you will find your partner something she will adore. Order today while stocks last to take advantage of our free UK delivery