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What is quince jam, and what can you pair it with?

Posted by Elizabeth Seyi 13/04/2022 0 Comment(s) Journal,

If you have come to our online store to shop for Cyprus jams, your eye might have been caught by our offering of fragrant quince jam from the Morphakis brand


But what is it about this sweet and delicious jam that makes it so interesting and such a strong seller in our store, and how might you seek to use it yourself? 


First, let’s introduce quince the fruit 


The primary ingredient of quince jam is – of course – quinces, an irregularly shaped and sweet-smelling fruit that largely resembles, and effectively belongs to the same family as apples and pears. 


Given their extremely tart taste, ripe quince fruits are rarely eaten raw. Indeed, it wasn’t really a ‘thing’ for a very long time to eat quinces at all, these fruits having once been used instead as wardrobe fresheners and for other non-food purposes. 


Eventually, though, peasant families in northern Italy began to cook them – and there’s no question that the taste of quinces changes somewhat when they are cooked and sugar is added to them. 


With that, began a long tradition of quince jam and preservatives. And while it is possible to prepare quince jam at home when ingredients including the quinces, sugar and lemon juice, you are likely to find the Morphakis Quince Jam in stock in our online shop just as pleasurable – not to mention excellent value for money. 


Some great ideas for pairings with quince jam 


One of the best things about quince jam is its versatility; it goes really nicely with both sweet and savoury dishes. You might choose to serve yours on a cheeseboard, for example, with marbled and aromatic cheeses such as Roquefort. Both fresh and mature cheeses, in fact, seem to pair well with quince jam. 


Quince jam can also be a sound complement to white meats, adding a bit of sweetness to your chicken or turkey. For this, you might choose to serve a modest portion of quince jam to accompany the dish, or you could even use it in the actual cooking and preparation of your chicken. 


Finally, we can’t not mention how nicely quince jam pairs with sweeter dishes. It can be used as a sweet filling in cakes, biscuits and tarts; in southern Italy, for instance, it is traditional to produce homemade biscuits with a quince jam filling, and you might choose to add cinnamon to these for a spicier taste. Sbrisolona cake with almonds is also a great choice of dish to fill with quince jam. 


There you go – there’s a lot that you can do with delicious quince jam, beyond the very simple approach of just having it on your morning toast or muffins. And when you shop for Cyprus jams like quince jam from our own online shopping channel at Zawzor, you will also be able to make the most of free UK delivery to your home