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If you’re still struggling to come up with gift ideas, think practical!

Posted by Elizabeth Seyi 10/11/2021 0 Comment(s) Journal,

What’s the secret to picking the perfect present for someone? There are, of course, a lot of schools of thought on this kind of thing. Some articles you read online on this subject will suggest paying close attention to what your intended recipient says about what they need or want in their lives. Or you might aim to buy something especially unusual, or that refers specifically to the nature of the relationship you have with the recipient – such as something romantic. 

Another common route that people take to choosing a present, though – whether for Christmas, a birthday or any other special occasion – is thinking of something practical. By that, we’re referring to things that might not be hugely glamorous, but that the person who receives it is actually likely to use at some point. 

So, what examples do we have of such ‘practical-minded items here at Zawzor? Let’s take a quick tour of our online shopping channel to spotlight some of our favourites. 


Who doesn’t have a book collection? If you’ve visited your intended gift recipient’s home and noticed their books being strewn about somewhat haphazardly, they are almost certain to appreciate some quality bookends like those in our store

These aluminium and nickel plate cricket-ball bookends, for example, just exude quality and could be the ideal purchase for a cricket or sports fan who owns plenty of biographies and annuals. 

Hygiene and grooming products 

If there’s something we all need to do periodically, it’s wash, bathe, and generally keep ourselves well-groomed – even in the current era in which working from home during pandemic lockdowns may have caused us to neglect these areas a little bit! 

So, it could be a good idea for you to pick something from our extensive range of hand creams, body washes and related products, such as the Peppermint Grove brand’s Lemongrass and Lime Hand and Body Wash or Freesia and Berries Hand Cream

In our men’s range, meanwhile, you will find some high-quality beard sets that a hirsute friend, colleague or relative of yours will surely be glad to have at their disposal. This Brush and Scissor Set, for example, consists of a delicate pair of scissors for any trimming that might be needed, along with a bristle brush that is curved to make it easy to grip in the hand. 

Wine stoppers and sets 

A ‘practical-minded present doesn’t necessarily have to be a dull present. That much is shown by such glamorous, but also functional gift ideas of ours as this pheasant bottle topper for keeping wine fresh once opened, and for that matter, this complete wine set

The latter comes in a black square box with white stitching detail and comprises a corkscrew, foil cutter, two pourers and two wine stoppers – just the thing to ensure the wine connoisseur in your life isn’t caught short of any of these essentials.

The above is just a sampling of our vast range of products here at Zawzor, also encompassing (nearly) everything from everyday accessories and confectionery, right through to the likes of jam, homeware and women’s clothing. In short, you won’t lack great gift ideas when you browse our online shopping channel! 

And don’t forget that we also offer free delivery to UK customers, with an aim of dispatching your goods within 24 hours of a working day. That’s one more reason to make us your go-to source of great, practical gifts that you also won’t easily find anywhere else!