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5 options for less expected Christmas gifts

Posted by Elizabeth Seyi 06/10/2021 0 Comment(s) Journal,

If relatives and friends of yours have already been sharing ‘countdown to Christmas’ memes on social media, you may understandably also be rolling your eyes at us publishing a festive-season-themed blog post this early. But with past statistics having indicated that Britons often begin their Yuletide shopping a long time before December, we’d argue that we aren’t being “too early” at all.

In any case, the person who waits can also be the person who misses out on certain great items as stock shortages bite. That can be especially so when the products in question are as limited in supply as those made available through the Zawzor shopping channel often are. 

So, if you are already wondering, “what could I possibly get for him?” or “what would she appreciate getting from me that she hasn’t got already?”, here are some great ideas on sale in our store right now. 

A novelty themed keyring 

Keyrings are things that we all seem to need for such simple purposes as helping us to tell the difference between our door keys and our house keys. 

And here at Zawzor, we stock all manner of high-quality themed keyrings, including the likes of this chrome dice keyring that could be ideal for the keen board game player in your family, or this chrome football keyring with swivel ball, which is sure to appeal to football fanatics. 

A satisfying Cyprus jam 

Whether you have a colleague or friend who is always spending time in Cyprus, who appreciates the culinary scene there, or who even just likes to try new jams, it could be a great idea to add a few of the Cyprus jams in our range to your shopping basket. 

As our online videos explain, there are various ways to serve such fascinating jams as the Morphakis Mosfilo Jam and the same brand’s Quince Jam – and as always here at Zawzor, you can count on our shopping channel for highly competitive prices. 

A smart and practical leather belt 

What working guy doesn’t need a belt from time to time? But it’s also the kind of thing they might not get round to purchasing for themselves while rushing between business meetings. 

That’s why we suggest you help them out, by buying them a leather belt or two from our Artamis range. The features these belts incorporate, including the likes of automatic ratchets and solid buckles, help to make them as smart as they are functional. 

A stunning dining centrepiece 

Quality homeware is a category of item that you can be confident in presenting as a gift to almost anyone, given that it has a broad range of both visual and practical uses. 

Prestigious dining centrepieces like the Libra Large Stemmed Bowl and Culinary Concepts Stainless Steel Boat Bowl in our present stock are highly eye-catching when presented in the home, even when the owner has little time to use them for much else. 

And you can’t be sure that our shopping channel will continue to have stocks of these sought-after products all the way until Christmas – so why not snap them up now? 

Delicious sweets and chocolates 

You knew a mention of these was coming, didn’t you? And you might think that chocolate and sweet treats are among the most obvious Christmas ‘stocking fillers’ of all. 

But take a look again at our own range here at Zawzor. By “less expected”, we’re referring here to handmade sweets that you might have presumed had gone the way of the dodo since Woolworths ended its presence on the high street. Think the likes of Sherbet Lemons, Mint Toffees, Blackcurrant & Liquorice Boiled Sweets, and many more.  

There you go – five examples of why deciding what to buy friends, relatives and colleagues for Christmas doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. And don’t forget that the advantages of our online shopping channel aren’t limited to our broad range of unusual items, as we’re also renowned for the free delivery services we offer to UK customers